About Us

Welcome to Nawab Cusine Of India. Nawab the word means a Duke or a Demi king, a man of wealth and influence, needless to say affluent with a lavish lifestyle. Our goal is to provide you with a dining experience that befits a Nawab.

indian cuisine is a combination of wonderful and subtle flavors. They vary as much as climates and languages of india, and are as exotic as people of india.

Withe about eighteen different languages and sixteen hundred plus dialects, food varies vastly from region to region. Our humble attempt is to bring you the most popular dishes from the north western states of India. We have carefully selected dishes from other popular cooking styles or regions of India with a hope you would enjoy them to the fullest. With our recent most menu we have also made an attempt to introduce some contemporary style Indian dishes.

On our menu each dish will have its own distinctive flavor and aroma, and most of our dishes can be prepared to your desired level of spice choice. The flavors we offer come from masterful blend of mixing fresh ground spices on our premises, and traditional sauce making techniques. The blending and preparation of spices is an ancient art and is indispensable to Indian cuisine. The result is delightful flavors, those, which cannot be attained by the use of "Curry Powder".

We do hope you will have a great dining experience and should you need any further assistance or help with wine pairings for your food, please feel free to ask.

Thank you for your patronage,
The Staff and Management of Nawab.